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November 7, 2017 Sanjay Belkhode

20171013 MuzeLounge attends TAVES Consumer Electronics Show 2017

20171013 MuzeLounge attends 2017 TAVES Consumer Electronics Show 2017
MuzeLounge founders Sanjay Belkhode and Mark D. Kershey were pleased to attend the 2017 TAVES Show!  Invited by the Andrew G. Dick of the Music Technology MeetUp, we eagerly accepted and were situated in his booth.
TAVES is North America’s ultimate consumer technology and Hi-Fi event. TAVES showcases cutting-edge products in the most exciting categories: Hi-Fi and home theater, virtual reality, robots, wearables, drones, hi-tech vehicles, 3D printing and tech toys. Rounding out the show are a broad mix of tech workshops for kids and adults, product launches and an eclectic program of speakers offering the latest insights into the electrifying world of consumer technology. TAVES runs October 13-15, 2017 at the Toronto Congress Centre.
About Music Technology MeetUp The Music Technology MeetUp is the largest group in North America geared toward the music and Technology communities. The Music Technology MeetUp is for anyone who is interested in connecting with veterans in the Music and Technology industries and those who simply love music and want to learn more about how technology has shaped the way we consume, create, and monetize music. The Music Industry has never been so “high tech”, from streaming services to DRM and blockchain-related payment systems. Whether you are a software developer working on a music-related project, someone interested in working in the music industry, or a musician seeking to learn more about how technology can help record and promote your band, you are in the right place. Our founders — including one of Canada’s most prestigious and experienced broadcasters, Alan Cross — have a long history of working in the technology and music industries and are here to facilitate networking and partnership opportunities, talk about free and low-cost current technologies and how they relate to broadcasting and record sales, and help bridge the gap between the technology enthusiasts and music fans. Learn, Share, and Connect! We look forward to having you as a member of our Meetup group.

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