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Join our Beta Trial! It's free!

We’re launching a beta trial of our MIDI Librarian/Editor software application and our Community. Be among the first to join and experience
your MIDI-enabled devices and instruments in ways you never imagined before.

We want to to develop some awesome software, there’s no better way to do that than to run a beta trial!  Running a beta trial is a great way to connect with you, get feedback from you and improve the software.  But best of all, you’ll be experiencing your MIDI-enabled devices and instruments in a new and creative way.  You’ll get to your desired sounds faster and be be able to share and acquire new sounds from a community of your fellow musicians.

During the beta trial, you’ll see the latest coolest features, we’ll in turn ask you for your
valuable feedback and experience with our software and the community.

Of course, our beta trial won’t last forever, so get in early!

We'll need some info from you.

It’s a big world. There’s a vast number of MIDI-enabled devices and instruments from many manufacturers to choose from. Please help us by letting us know which devices and instruments are your favourite. We’ll choose the most popular ones first. Also, if you have the SysEx codes for your machines, please share them with us!