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Take Control

Your MIDI-enabled devices and instruments have the unprecedented power to shape your sound through hundreds of parameters. But you can only access those parameters through a small interface. That means a lot of twisting dials and pushing buttons.

Supercharge your Keyboards & Synths

Keyboards and Synthesizers are powerful. Make them even more powerful with software that delivers more control and get more sounds.


Find New Sounds on your Electric Guitar

Explore new sounds from a universe of possibilities.


Expand the Horizons of Your Bass Guitar

Think your bass guitar has a limited range of sounds? Think again and discover.


We Deliver Usability and Efficiency

Greatly increase the usability of your MIDI-enabled devices and instruments. More. We’ll bring you productivity and efficiency and get you to your sound fast.


Smart Applications

MuzeXL and MuzeEdit will be our marquee applications and serve as the gateway to the community. They help you create that key content – your sound, then you can upload your sound to the community or download sounds to your MIDI-enabled device or instruments.


How, Exactly are we Going to Do This?

It’s simple, we’ll be using the tried and true standard of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI).

MIDI technology was standardized in 1983 by a panel of music industry representatives, and is maintained by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA). All official MIDI standards are jointly developed and published by the MMA in Los Angeles, California, US, and for Japan, the MIDI Committee of the Association of Musical Electronics Industry (AMEI) in Tokyo.

We think these people are geniuses.

Rediscover the Power of MIDI
System Exclusive Messaging Control

MIDI System Exclusive messaging permits the musician unprecedented control of their MIDI-enabled devices or instruments.

But, it hasn’t been fully adopted. MuzeLounge wants to change this, we’ll deliver on the promise and power of System Exclusive Messaging. We’ll greatly simplify complex MIDI-enabled devices or instruments. As a result, musicians will get back to playing and being creative. In 2016, the MMA established The MIDI Association (TMA) to support a global community of people who work, play, or create with MIDI, establishing the website as the central repository of information about anything related to MIDI technology, from early MIDI technology to future developments. Learn more at: