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Finding your sounds has never been this fast and easy.
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Our Solution

Fast. Simple. Intuitive.

Free Yourself from Complexity

Control your MIDI Devices and instruments with the most versatile software on earth.

Unlock the Power of MIDI

Hundreds of parameters all adjustable in an instant. Control every one of your MIDI devices and instruments.

Find your Sound

With our applications, you’ll have the freedom to explore soundscapes you never heard before.

Benefits of our Technology

Helping you – the Musician, is our Number 1 Goal.


Get blisteringly fast access to every control. Try out whatever you want. Really.


Your cherished vintage devices will never get old. Love them all over again.


Learn how to get the most from your MIDI devices easily. Stop swearing at them.


Stop being a knob & dial jockey. And just Play!

Our Solutions Are For All Musicians

Whether you’re a keyboardist, guitarist, bassist or if you simply use MIDI-enabled devices and instruments, we have what you need.

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Gateway to our Community

We’re more than just an app or a feature.

We have a much bigger picture in mind. We’re launching a new collaborative / sharing community for musicians powered by two enabling applications.


Join the world’s first platform for sharing, selling and buying sounds (MIDI patches) and collaborating with other musicians. It’s a community with a purpose – Everything Music.